About introducing the topic of crypto currency in Japan

投稿者: | 6月 18, 2018

At the beginning of opening this blog, I was addicted to Bitcoin trading.
In order to improve trade performance most efficiently, I decided to learn technical analysis.
Based on the trend of publishing the progress of learning on a blog, I decided to open “chu-ken’s trade diary (* old title of this blog)”.

In last year’s market, the movement of money in Asian countries that do not use English, such as China, Japan, South Korea, etc., greatly moved the price of Bitcoin.
It is said that the influx of Japanese yen, mainly individual investors, into the Bitcoin market is 2 trillion yen.(https://btcnews.jp/4oew7dv615833/
I think that the Bitcoin investors in each country were surprised by the rising price, led by Bithumb, a Korean exchange, Japanese exchanges bitFlyer and coincheck.

Through investing in Bitcoin, I noticed that information in the Asian region translated into English is very rare.
I thought the topic of crypto currency was more useful than the disclosure of low level technical analysis. I will quit the release of the technical analysis article and decide to translate the topic of Japanese crypto currency into investors around the world (especially the US and China investors).

(He is Crypto currency influencer in Japan)

I will translate Japanese hot topic into English and Chinese mainly about topics of crypto currency. I would be happy if the investor in the crypto currency helps.


If you want to know the information on the crypto currency that is talking about in Japan, try following this list. (However, since you only have Japanese tweets, please make friends with Google translate.)


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